Please be patient when logging in in the WebGL build, it may take a while and itch may ask you to kill the page, but just wait and the game will load. If you'd rather not wait, download the Mac or Windows build of the game, which doesn't have this loading issue.

Design, programming, and art by:

Kate Smith ( Twitter: @katesuzannah

Snippy Nguyen (

Grant Wang (

Josh Melnick (

homeroom is a first-person exploration vignette about diving into someone else's virtual presence. It takes place in a near-future, where a new VR-based social media network is taking over. People are migrating their online collection of family and friends to homeroom and quickly establishing their identities with the service's built-in tools. As a user, you are exploring a new friend's personal homeroom in order to quickly get to know them through what they publicly present, as well as what you can uncover for yourself.

In general, most of the technical production aspects of making homeroom were pretty straightforward. We ran into the expected amount of troubles, but not usually through anything systemic. The most difficult parts of production were definitely designing and implementing a content delivery system that made sense with the theme of the game and effectively communicated key information and individually manipulating scene files and having to duplicate them and manually merge them as development went on. Within Unity, we made especially heavy usage of the canvas and UI elements, as well as the built in raycasting in order to have the first-person interactions and physics feel good.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Unity, Walking simulator


homeroomOSX 45 MB
homeroomWindows 41 MB


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nice game bro

um how do we hide are mouse

The WebGL build seems to glitch a lot with the mouse hiding. You ought to just be able to click and it should go away, but I've found I have to have my mouse over the center of the screen while it is loading, then click when it "logs in". Try that? Sorry I would try to fix it but it doesn't have that problem in the Unity editor. I'll look into it.

ok thank you for the help ;D


I love the whole concept of this game. Especially the pigeon